Preferred Supplier List Management

PSL+ from Mercury xRM is a standalone applicant tracking system and vendor management solution that lets employers take control of their external recruitment.

Manage your Preferred Supplier Lists

PSL+ lets employers structure Preferred Supplier Lists for all departments and divisions so that external recruitment is simplified

Employers can select the agencies they prefer to work with by creating preferred agencies lists, approved suppliers lists and separate groups for niche recruiters.

If an agency regularly supplies great Java developers, for example, an employer can offer the vacancy exclusively to them.

If agencies continually underperform, they can be demoted or removed from your preferred suppliers lists.

Full visibility of external recruitment

Don’t rummage through long email chains and big spreadsheets when it comes to checking progress. PSL+ gives employers full visibility of the external recruitment process.

Everybody knows where they stand, and the stage of each vacancy.

Accelerate the end-to-end recruitment process

From job creation to successful hire, PSL+ handles the entire external recruitment process.

With a portal for hiring managers, recruitment managers and agencies – the web application has a clear workflow. It keeps everybody informed and notifies individuals when they need to take action.

The solution accelerates the hiring process so organisations can bring in top talent quickly.

Advanced management reporting

The dashboard in PSL+ gives all users a clear view on activity and performance.

Reports track open and closed vacancies, supplier performance, candidates awaiting feedback and spend as well as other KPIs.

From this data, recruitment managers can create a list of preferred agencies to save their team’s time. This can help organisations fill jobs more quickly and reduce the cost of hiring.

Cut the administrative burden

Spreadsheets are messy and not scalable for external recruitment in large companies. Recording each applicant and subsequent stage in the recruitment process is time consuming.

PSL+ keeps everything in one place and minimises the admin burden of HR and recruitment teams.

Recruit on your terms

PSL+ lets employers recruit on their own terms. This solution lets organisations control maximum margins and reduces the high cost of external recruitment.

The solution also lets hiring managers schedule interviews around their availability – reducing the need for back and forth emails and keeps everybody organised.

Pays for itself many times over

With the time that PSL+ saves, recruiters can focus on the high-value activities of interviewing and shortlisting candidates.

By reducing the time spent administering the recruitment process, the solution can return its investment within 12 months.

See the saving you can make today

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