• Sell More, Search Faster – A Free Cheat Sheet for Recruiters

    If you want to win more business and be able to find the best candidates, quicker than your competition then our cheat sheet will show you how. Go to resource
  • A Technology Guide for IT Agencies

    In this guide for IT recruitment agencies, we provide a number of ways to focus your efforts to create opportunities that give competitive advantage and support business growth. Go to resource
  • ROI Calculator for Recruitment Agencies

    Are you losing out on recruitment fees? Download our free ROI calculator today to find out if your agency could be making more money. Go to resource
  • The Modern Recruiter Challenge

    Are you using traditional, tried and tested methods or is technology enabling you to be more efficient? Take part in our fun quiz to see how you stack up. Go to resource
  • Candidate Care Handbook for Recruiters

    Download your very own complete copy of the candidate care handbook for recruiters which provides practical techniques and tips from a number of UK recruiters on how to look after your… Go to resource
  • Agency Compliance Self-Assessment Checklist

    Find out if you are following recruitment agency regulations and operating in a compliant way with our short recruiter agency compliance checklist. Go to resource
  • The Recruiter’s Sales Call Checklist

    Using proven techniques used by high performing recruiters, this handy one-page checklist will help you stand out from competitors, build rapport faster and get you winning more deals.   Go to resource
  • A Guide to Writing Magnetic Job Adverts

    If you’re a recruiter struggling to find the time to write a winning job advert, Mercury xRM’s Rick Rooter is here to help. Get your free guide to writing magnetic job adverts here. Go to resource
  • Rick Rooter’s Guide to LinkedIn

    Ensure you’re making best use of LinkedIn to drive your success in recruitment. Get your free guide to LinkedIn for Recruiters here. Go to resource
  • A Recruiter’s Guide to Google+

    Take full advantage of the world’s fastest growing social network. Get Your free guide to Google+ for Recruiters here. Go to resource
  • A Recruiter’s Guide to Twitter

    Turn Twitter to your advantage. Get your free guide to Twitter for Recruiters here. Go to resource
  • You’re Hired! Have you selected the right software candidate for the job?

    Including the missing bonus chapter not found in the printed edition, this free 20-page guide is packed full of ideas and insight into successfully buying and deploying recruitment software. Go to resource
  • Building the Business Case for Mercury xRM

    View independent international research into the economic impact of investing in Mercury xRM recruitment CRM software. Go to resource
  • The Smarter Recruiting Guide. How to get more done and save time

    Recruiters are extremely busy people and with so many positions to fill, so few quality candidates, and so much administration work to contend with, we sympathise and so we’ve created… Go to resource
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