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Recruitment software for the best recruiters

Mercury xRM helps you spend time filling vacancies, not filling out CRM fields.


How much could you do with an extra half day every week?

We help the best recruiters get even better. Streamline your day with Mercury xRM and stay one step ahead of your competition. Whilst they’re catching up with admin, you’re catching up with their clients.

Fill vacancies faster

We know top performing recruitment consultants need quick access to high quality candidates.

With PowerSearch, your team can rapidly gather the most relevant candidates already on your books. PowerFind allows them to collect and import CVs of suitable candidates from multiple job boards.

As well as searching for candidates, our built-in integrations mean you can instantly advertise on multiple job boards in seconds.

That means your team can find the right candidates and get them in front of clients before your competitors do.


We previously used to work from a combination of data sources held within a recruitment database, and data held in spreadsheets, which created extra admin. With Mercury xRM, we now have one single view of all our data.
Mark Botros, Red Read this Case Study

Win more new clients by doing less

The best recruitment agencies spend time building their client base…but time comes in limited supply.

That’s why we built a solution that cuts admin by up to 80%. Features such as a single sign on to Office 365, task automation, activity prompts and Microsoft Outlook integration free up half a day of your team’s time every week.

That means you can spend less time on admin and more time impressing prospective clients.


Our investment in Mercury xRM meant we could empower our consultants to become even more responsive to clients and place candidates more quickly with greater success.
Alison Mulligan, Maximus Read this Case Study

Grow your business and maintain success

We work best with recruitment agencies who are well established or those who are successful, ambitious and looking to grow.

Having an in-depth knowledge of how your business is performing is key to maintaining its success. Our range of customisable management reports gives a comprehensive overview of your team, your clients and the business as a whole.

The enterprise standard scalability of our cloud based software means you can grow and Mercury xRM will grow with you.


Having rapidly grown from a team of three to 25, we needed a recruitment solution that would enable our management team to make quicker and better business decisions
Nick Pearce, Alexander Daniels Read this Case Study

Streamline the recruitment process

Mercury xRM is a cloud-based recruitment software solution that was created out of our own frustrations with software that would stop us doing our job quickly and effectively. Developed as a result of the challenges encountered by our recruitment division, Mercury xRM is designed to streamline the recruitment process whilst delivering an exceptional client and candidate experience. Mercury xRM is for recruiters that expect their recruitment software to work harder to help them win more business.

Beyond the usual features, such as creating and managing client, candidate and vacancy records, Mercury xRM recruitment software is packed with ways to help you work smarter. These features include the use of the latest Microsoft innovations, include the ability to access the software within Microsoft Outlook and the ability to use voice commands on your Windows Phone to stay up to date whilst on the go.

Gain a competitive advantage by using Mercury xRM recruitment software