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Mercury XrmCreate a richer pool of talent with comprehensive recruitment databases

Our comprehensive recruitment database will make your job easier and enable you to use your time more efficiently.

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Finding top talent is one of the toughest jobs a recruiter faces. While there are plenty of places to go searching for candidates, these are often scattered around and utilise different systems. Making the recruitment process time intensive and inefficient.

Mercury xRM gives recruiters a streamlined approach to sourcing candidates from a greater variety of applications including all of the major recruitment databases and job boards, channels such as LinkedIn, plus of course your own candidate database. Giving you access to a wider pool of talent, enabling you to pinpoint matches more efficiently and rapidly shortlist candidates for vacant job roles.

The recruitment database features a full applicant tracking system (ATS) which will guide the candidate through their recruitment journey, keeping them informed of their progress at every stage.

Mercury xRM enables recruiters to:

  • Search and filter across multiple job boards, your own recruitment databases and LinkedIn
  • Close jobs faster and build a richer candidate database by seamlessly importing candidate CV data from multiple job boards, databases and other sources
  • Shortlist candidates from job boards straight to your vacancy
  • Automatically track candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle, informing them of their progress
  • Manage the demands and regulations of contract, temporary and permanent vacancies
  • Manage limited/umbrella companies for contractors
  • Keep candidate data clean and relevant using duplicate record alerts
  • Benefit from the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office, including the ability to automatically track candidate emails from within Outlook
  • Store and share contract documentation
  • Create segmented views of candidates, filtered by skills, location, and more
  • Benefit from a cloud-based system which can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device anywhere and at any time

PowerSearch: Unlock the true value in your candidate database

With Mercury xRM, recruiters no longer need to hunt through irrelevant CVs to pinpoint the perfect candidate. The PowerSearch search engine empowers recruiters to turn every candidate database into a richer source of only the best talent.

  • Ring-fence top candidates sooner with lightning-fast search results, whatever the size of your database.
  • Find hidden talent in your database and boost search result relevance with smart tags that look beyond usual candidate attributes.
  • Prioritise search results using system-calculated candidate scores.
  • Keep your candidate data clean and current with the integrated deduplication engine
  • Reach the candidate faster with one-click candidate contact using email or SMS*

*additional charges apply

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