Applicant Tracking Systems

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a recruitment software application designed for the needs for recruiters. Different to traditional customer relationship management (CRM) software, an ATS handles the process of managing candidates through the lifecycle of a job vacancy.

A typical ATS provides a central location for managing incoming CVs, such as through direct CV submission from online job boards. After CVs have been collected, an ATS system should support recruiters in shortlisting and placing candidates. Market-leading ATS systems can also offer insight into which sources of candidates gave the best return on investment.

More than Most Applicant Tracking Systems

With Mercury xRM recruiters can leverage a streamlined recruitment process that goes beyond the usual features found in a typical applicant tracking system. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with its familiar and flexible look-and-feel, Mercury xRM automates many of the steps throughout the recruitment lifecycle, including:

  • Search and filter online CV databases, automatically adding top candidates to your vacancy within Mercury xRM.
  • Keep your candidates in the know with emails updating them with their progress .
  • Flexible personalised dashboards to support recruiters in managing their progress against goals.

If you are struggling with your current applicant tracking system, then talk to the Mercury xRM team and book a no-obligation demo today. We can walk you through our web-based recruitment software system that is designed by recruiters to help you fill vacancies sooner.

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