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Benefit from an intuitive, integrated and secure solution

Adoption. That’s surely the biggest challenge with new systems. If your users don’t understand or can’t get used to your new CRM they’ll quickly stop using it. While our training covers adoption well, once users leave the classroom you need assurance that the system will be easy to navigate.

Many of the recruitment CRMs in the market are feature rich but are based on bespoke user interfaces designed by the solutions providers. Mercury xRM is based on a user interface that almost everyone should recognise – Microsoft Office and Office 365.

Works with and like Microsoft Office applications

Reassuringly Microsoft Dynamics 365 looks and feels like your Office applications; you can even run it within Outlook if you want. If your recruiters can find themselves around Outlook and more recent versions of the Office suite of applications then Mercury xRM will have them feeling right at home from day one.

Start your day in Microsoft Outlook and Mercury xRM

If you suffer from having too many windows open on your desktop, you’ll be glad to hear that Mercury xRM works within Microsoft Outlook. This means that you can access candidate and client records, create new records, record emails, and do many other day-to-day tasks within the world’s favourite email client. And because both products are from Microsoft you can be assured that the integration between the two is much richer and more intuitive – keeping your team even more productive.

View data the way you want

We think people work best when they can see information that is relevant to them and in the way that they want it presented. So why not let your recruiters decide how they want their clients, candidates, vacancies, placements and personal dashboards laid out? Mercury xRM lets you setup custom views for your recruiters or for the consultant to set their own default and saved views.

The solution is designed to be customisable and configurable so that people can get to the most relevant information in the shortest possible time. Most importantly you don’t need our consultancy services to tailor this for you; we’ll show you how to do it.

No hardware, no boundaries, no worry

The Mercury xRM solution is a cloud-based solution which means your recruiters can access the application anywhere that an active internet connection is available, on-demand.

We use both Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft’s leading Azure cloud services. There is no investment in infrastructure or support staff required, once setup we will support your solution and our partners will maintain the servers to give you the confidence of system availability.

Microsoft provides 99.9% uptime with one of the industry’s only financially backed service level agreements (SLA). They offer a global data centre footprint with facilities located throughout the world that are managed and operated directly by Microsoft. Many aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system are configured in a redundant manner to eliminate single points of failure. Likewise, Microsoft Azure services are committed to similarly high levels of service and support.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Certified For DynamicsMercury xRM has been independently tested by Microsoft to ensure it meets their exacting standards so that the product works as it should with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In December 2014 Mercury xRM was the first recruitment solution in the world to be Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

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