Recruitment Database Software

Our recruitment database software is designed to save you time and resource.

Helping you to fill more vacancies sooner, Mercury xRM recruitment database software has been specifically tailored to provide the answer to those day to day challenges a recruiter will face.

Created by recruitment professionals for use by recruitment professionals, Mercury xRM is powered by Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform and is equipped with all of the tools and functionality needed to deliver an exceptional client and candidate experience.

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Why choose our recruitment database software?

The ability to pinpoint talent in just 30 seconds

Mercury xRM is all about saving you time and resource. To do this, it enables you to pinpoint talent in just 30 seconds. Search and filter through all of the major job boards, CV databases, social networks and your candidate database all from one screen.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Utilising Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, Mercury xRM will provide the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook and with it, incredibly tight integration with the software. Enabling you to become more productive, Mercury xRM allows you to create vacancies, access candidate and client records, set tasks, log call activities and view and filter data, all from within Outlook.

The ability to work wherever you are

Cloud-based, our recruitment database software is designed to allow you to work wherever you are. Meaning you are no longer tied to the office, with Mercury xRM you will be able to access all of the functionality of the software regardless of the time of day, or where you are in the world.

We understand you won’t always be in front of a computer either – and it is for this reason that Mercury xRM features mobile functionality. Letting you work where and how you choose, our software can be accessed using a desktop, a tablet, a smartphone or any other browser – the choice is yours.

And because Mercury xRM is built using Microsoft Dynamics 365, it features enterprise-level security, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is safe, secure and only accessible by you and those you authorise.

While if you are frequently in areas with little or no internet access, it doesn’t mean you cannot continue working as Mercury xRM is also available as a locally stored software application.

Easy to use

With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook comes the easy-to-use functionality of the Microsoft Office suite of products, meaning you are provided with an intuitive user interface that is designed to work with the Microsoft tools you are already familiar with.

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