Recruitment Databases

Mercury xRM is designed to put an end to disjointed recruitment databases and endless hours of candidate searching.

Allowing you and your team to become more prepared, insightful and productive, our recruitment software enables you to search, filter and discover talent from a range of major job boards, CV databases and social networks all from one place. What’s more, it also enables you to import your own existing recruitment databases, meaning you will be able to easily pinpoint talent and place candidates faster than your competition.

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Recruitment Databases Equipped with Comprehensive Information 

Enabling you to create a richer pool of talent, Mercury xRM’s comprehensive recruitment databases provide a streamlined approach to candidate sourcing. Rather than having to use an array of different systems and visit all kinds of places to shortlist candidates, our system makes the recruitment process less time intensive and more efficient by giving you access to a wide range of sources, all of which are accessible from one place.

Mercury xRM’s comprehensive information will assist you in:

  • Searching for candidates across major job boards, CV databases, social networks and your own existing databases
  • Closing jobs faster and building a richer pool of talent
  • Shortlisting candidates
  • Automatically tracking candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle and automatically informing them of their progress
  • Keeping candidate data clean and relevant
  • Creating segmented candidate information which is filtered by skills, location and more

Effective reporting

Mercury xRM is not just equipped to make you more productive when it comes to candidate sourcing; it is also equipped to assist you in better understanding your data.

Providing you with constant real-time information, Mercury xRM will enable you to create dashboards that show KPI stats, recruitment activity and candidate and vacancy activity.

Enabling you to become more productive, Mercury xRM’s advanced recruitment database functionality will provide you with powerful new ways in which to utilise data.

Mercury xRM will enable you to:

  • Create unlimited performance dashboards in less than 60 seconds, all of which can be customised to your needs
  • The ability to drill down into graphs for granular insight
  • Live insights into your business
  • Clear and concise data presented in multiple chart types, including bar, funnel, pie and line graph
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